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This time, Kurumi Nakamura and offline dancers communicate with each other using letters and telephones to create the theme of Dancing ROOMS vol. 3 together, and Dancing ROOMS vol. 3 is being implemented online with that theme. The following eight themes.

1 Soak up the sun
2 Enjoy the surrounding scenery clockwise
3 Continue weeding with just your feet
4 Disinfection of every corner
5 shut off everything
6 Right and left hands refrain from each other
7 Whole body meal
8 Take a forbidden pose

[Dancing ROOMS vol. 3
videos released until Saturday, June 20]

This is the third release of Dancing ROOMS hosted by Dance Well Ishikawa. This time, Kurumi Nakamura and the Dance Well dancers had a chat over the phone and created together the 8 themes. Then, the themes were sent to those who wished to participate via By reading the theme and creating the movements one by one, it eventually becomes their dance sequence. We took advantage of both offline and online communication with our dancers. Hope you enjoy.


1) Bathing in the sun
2) Admire the view as you turn right
3) Pull out the weeds using your feet
4) Sterilize thoroughly
5) Shut out entirely
6) Reserved attitude of your right and left hand
7) Eating with your whole body
8) Forbidden pose

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